Customer Service.

We have a passion for customer service and for this, we need the best people. Our selection system rejects hundreds of potential Franchisees per year. We look for people with high standards who take pride in their work.

Our Franchisees decide exactly what services they want to offer, in which areas and on which days. We never give Franchisees work they do not want. So when we page out a lead, we expect it to be followed up promptly. We expect our Franchisees to turn up on time, wearing a full uniform and aim to amaze the customer with the quality of our service.

Complaints are carefully monitored, and Jim posts his Email address on the public website so that unhappy customers can contact him directly.

Our Jim’s Mowing Franchise system and how it works

Please review our video selection to find out more about a Jim’s Mowing Franchise and how it works. We also have a testimonials page and case studies from our current franchisees for your information.

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What our customers say.

After nearly 30 years in the finance industry, it was certainly time to try something a little different. With a passion to spend more time with the family, and a want to make decisions that impacted on us only, we decided to look for a small business that would suit our wish for a change in lifestyle.

I have been using Jim’s since mowing was all they did. I have never used another gardening service since. Each franchisee I have come into contact with has been a great advertisement for the brand, and as a Multi Location Franchisee myself, I know how important brand image is. Very happy to have Phil Beyer looking after my needs.

Service provided by Jim’s mowing was outstanding, Dave turned up when he said he would and the attention to detail in the large yard cleanup was excellent. Value for money service was provided and would recommend.