Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a background in gardening or can you teach me? – Definitely not, our comprehensive training and support programmes ensure you have all of the skills you will require to run your Jim’s Mowing & Garden Care business.

How much can I make in my first year? – The financial performance of each franchisee varies depending on a number of factors including the hours you work, proactiveness to marketing your business and building relationships on a local level, level of repeat business, service mix, your local area demographics, your pricing structure and so on. The ultimate success of your business is something you control!

How Do Lead Fees Work? – When a client rings the office, the job is paged to a Franchisee who has indicated that they will accept work in that area at that time. We only charge a minimum fee for leads forwarded from the office. Any work you pick up from referrals, people that stop you in the street etc, does not attract a fee.

When Can I Work? – You can set your working hours to suit yourself and you should schedule your jobs for a time that suits both you and your customers. You can also ask for work from the office to be forwarded only during those times when you are free to take on extra jobs.

Where Can I Work? – Jim’s Mowing & Garden Care Franchisees are free to work anywhere they wish. By the same token, out territory and work allocation system is designed to help you develop a customer base within a specific locality, simply because it is more profitable and cost effective to do so.

How Do Territory Rights Work? – Your territory will be defined in your contract by reference to a postcode sector ie EH10 6. If you are requesting work in your territory, any new work emanating from that territory will be paged to you. If you are not asking for work on that particular day, any such leads will be paged to a Franchisee who is asking for work in that area at that time. The ‘first rights of refusal’ system ensures that every customer is passed on to a Franchisee that is ready and willing to accept the job. This encourages Franchisees to only ask for work when they know they can accept it.

What Happens In The Winter? – Work such as hedge trimming and garden clean ups should keep you busy right up to Christmas. January is generally the best time to take a holiday (somewhere warm preferably) coming back in February in preparation for the busy spring.

Will Jim’s Mowing & Garden Care Finance Me? – No. You will need to find your own start-up capital. By the same token, we have affiliations with major banks who will lend up to 70% of the required capital (including working capital).

What Ongoing Support Is Available To Me? – Regular training, meetings, newsletters, Franchisee Forum, field support, business reviews and regular phone discussions to name just a few.

Is There A Limit On How Many Vehicles I Can Operate? – You can employ as many people and use as many vehicles as you wish. Your base fee will not change. In Australia, there is one Franchise Owner that grosses over A$2m annually but pays the same monthly fee as a one man operator.

When Are Contracts Signed? – Contracts can be signed any time after you have had them in your possession for 14 days. We generally advise you to wait until you have completed training before signing – this allows you to be fully confident you are making the right decision. We advise you have a solicitor read over the contracts for you.

Is There Pressure To Perform? – Jim’s Mowing & Garden Care asks for your commitment to quality and reliable service. Any Franchisee who has accepted and falls below this standard will be required to sell their franchise. While most Franchisees welcome the high standards, some find the pressure to perform excessive. We aim to be clearly better than our competitors, to attract the best people, provide the best service and for our Franchisees to earn the best income.

Is Work Availability Guarantee Scheme Ongoing For The Duration Of The Contract? – Work Availability Guarantee Scheme is not ongoing. It is designed to give you peace of mind while your business is in its early stages.

What Is The Life Of The Contract? – The contract is for a 10 year period with an option to renew at no cost. However you are free to sell your business and your franchise at any time, subject to Jim’s Mowing & Garden Care approving the buyer, just as they would approve any new Franchisee joining the group