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Hit The Ground Mowing!

Join an international brand with a history of success! Now is a fantastic time to be part of an industry with endless growth potential and plenty of scope for flexible working. Join a market leader as we engage in the next phase of our worldwide expansion plan within the UK and Ireland.

With our proven franchise System, experience, support and back up and territories available near you which allow you to work where you want, when you want, there has never been a better time to join the Jim’s Mowing franchise network.

However the opportunity doesn’t end there. For those who wish to build a business within multiple territories, the Jim’s Mowing franchise also offers you the opportunity to build a management franchise by expanding via multiple territory development and Regional Franchisor opportunities. With a Jim’s Mowing franchise, you are the boss. There are no reporting hierarchy to worry about each month. The hours you work are decided by you as are the various services and areas that you wish to serve. If you are ready for a change, then you are ready to talk to Jim’s Mowing.

Start Up Cost

At Jim’s Mowing, we prefer to take the all-inclusive approach that is so popular with holidays than the discount approach where you constantly meet another level of cost at every stage. Our franchise package not only includes a territory where you have first refusal an all work originating from that area but also an equipment package of quality professional tools, a launch marketing package that includes the branding of your vehicle, a comprehensive business and horticultural training schedule that includes your PA1/PA6 Spraying certificates, branded clothing, Basic Chainsaw course and Emergency First Aid at Work certificate. And there’s more. The exclusive Jim’s software packages for organising and running your business.


Many people say “I’d love to do it but I don’t have any gardening experience” and we say “No worries, we’ll teach you”. As long as you like working outdoors, then throw away the suit and tie and reach for the sun bloc!

The vast majority of our franchise owners do not come from a horticulture background. In fact they come from all walks of life, from financial services to the armed forces, from sales to retail, from the police to taxi driver. With little more than looking after their own garden they share a passion for the great outdoors and a desire to grow their own business. A Jim’s Mowing franchise matches these together with a quality equipment package, launch and on-going marketing as well as technical support. Above all, there are the comprehensive training modules that provide our new franchise owners with the knowledge, the capability and the confidence to build on these solid foundations, to enjoy the variety of work and manage a successful business of their own.

The first element is the Induction Training course. Since you will be a business owner, it is important to know how to set up your business, how to set up your accounts and how to insure against the appropriate risks. You will be introduced to the ‘Jims’ ethos and our approach to providing a professional and reliable service. Key to this is the proprietary software which is integral to running your business. This gives you the flexibility to choose where you wish to accept work from, what type of work and when. After all, it is your business.

The second element of training is where you finally get your hands dirty. Mowing, strimming, weeding, hedging, pruning, scarifying and turfing. It’s all part of the package along with training on the very equipment that is included in the Franchise package. We can all read books and attend lectures but nothing beats getting hands-on experience. This type of training is simply not available from external agencies. This aspect of practical training is complimented with the industry recognised pesticides spraying qualifications, PA1 and PA6, which is then married with our fertiliser training package to allow our franchise owners to offer their clients a comprehensive lawn care programme with confidence.

Our experience has clearly demonstrated just how useful a chainsaw can be even if you never intend to get heavily involved with trees. Mulching the waste from digging out some shrubs or from a major hedging job with a chainsaw allows you to be far more efficient, but we also recognise the need for proper training on this equipment so your chainsaw licence is also included with our comprehensive training package. The initial training is completed with the Emergency First Aid at Work course. Not that we think you’ll have an accident but you just never know when it could come in handy.

It doesn’t end there. The icing on the cake is the on-going training where the regional franchisors provide their franchisees with a variety of additional ‘nuggets’ of training and experience, from plant identification, and lawn treatments to paving and other forms of landscaping. How to improve your business performance is a vital element of the on-going support.

With all this initial and continued support, it is no surprise to learn that Jim’s Mowing is the world’s largest garden maintenance organisation.

Growth Opportunities

Another marked difference in the Jim’s Mowing franchise opportunity from many others is that the monthly franchise fee is a flat, specified amount, rather than expressed as a percentage of your turnover or gross operating profit. This allows you to grow to your hearts content safe in the knowledge that the harder you work, the more money you make and more importantly the more you keep. In Sydney, there is a Jim’s Mowing franchisee that turns over more than $2m a year and he pays the same monthly fee as the one man operator!


Jim’s Mowing offers the growing franchise owner an excellent route to enhancing your investment through splitting your client base and selling this portion to either an existing franchisee or a new owner. Not only does this help a colleague advance their business plan but in the process allows you to release inherent value in your business. Having grown your business already, you’ll be well placed to grow it again then repeat the process.


A good investment is one that you can sell at a higher price than what you paid for it. At Jim’s Mowing, we have plenty of experience of business owners selling on their territory, clients, vehicle and equipment to new franchisees who prefer to start with an on-going business and then take it further. This is the advantage of having a brand that is recognised internationally.

Regional Franchisor

Regional Franchisors are the driving force of the Jim’s system. They are responsible for recruiting, training and supporting franchisees, finding them work and providing practical and personal support. Regional Franchisors are ‘hands on,’ operating a franchise themselves while building their network of franchisees.

Regional Franchisors must provide leadership and a strong example of work ethics, whilst recognising that franchisees are clients and not employees.

It is a demanding role that combines practical ability with a high level of personal and business management skills.

Above all the primary focus of a successful Regional Franchisor must be to help his or her franchisees to succeed.

To qualify as a Regional Franchisor you will need to have made a success of your own franchise and prove to us that you have the ability to help other franchisees to do the same.

The return on your investment can be significant, so if this is an opportunity that interests you, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Case Studies

“I have actually expanded my involvement in Jim’s Mowing and am now a franchisor! This involves recruiting, training, coaching and supporting franchisees. I really believe in the Jim’s Mowing brand and how it works as a franchise, so I want to be a part of increasing the number of successful franchisees in the UK and also to further expand the brand. Our Australian parent company, Jim’s Group, has 30 sister brands within the home service market and I know that we can make a success of bringing many of those over here as well in the near future”. David Hughson

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Are you feeling trapped in your current job? Are you sick of doing the same thing over and over again? A career change may just be the answer you’re looking for. By joining the team at Jim’s Mowing , you can be your own boss and change the direction of your life forever.

Jim’s Group can provide you with all the training and skills you’ll need to start a new Mowing business. We have been supporting franchisees for over 25 years, with a current network of approximately 4,000 franchisees.

We understand that change can be daunting, but the rewards can be huge. Call 131 546 to find out how we can help you start your very own Jim’s Mowing business.

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