Part 5: the final fact!

Well Good Morning. Here is the final part of this week’s Jim’s facts.

There is a territory available near you! Australia has over 2,000 franchise owners with a population of less than 1/3rd of that in the UK, and we have just started with 28 franchisees.

While Australia undoubtedly has the sunshine, it can be too hot and too dry which means we in the UK mow the average lawn more times a year than they do in Oz. How about that?

Our comprehensive equipment package will even include two lawn mowers, one of them battery powered, to help with all this activity.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s posts. Remember, if you think Jim’s Mowing mig ht be a great route to self employment then just pick up the phone for an informal chat. Nothing to lose, but perhaps a whole new way of life to gain! Find out more about starting a franchise today.