Winter Gardening.

Gardening Activities during Winter

Unlike hedgehogs we do not hibernate during the winter! We are available to carry out a wide and varied range of activities. The list below provides a few examples but is by no means exhaustive; you’d be surprised at just how much we do over the coldest months!

Tree Work

Whether it be a branch that requires pruning, or the whole tree removed, you’re local Jim can tackle this job. If you have a log burning stove, just ask him to cut the wood up for you

Supply and Installation of Garden Sheds

It may just be a concrete base, or the whole shed, but your local Jim will be able to do part or all of the work involved in erecting a shed in your garden.

Snow Clearance

This winter can’t be as bad as 2009 and 2010, can it? Surely not? Well if is then why not call for help in clearing the snow from your paths and driveway. Your local Jim will have plenty of shovels and muscles! You might want to book him in advance so that you are at the front of the queue when that big fall comes.

Rubbish Removal

Need help clearing leaves or any other garden rubbish? Call your local Jim. They have a van, a Waste Carriers Licence and a big smile.