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WORK – What would we do without it?

Work is such a funny thing when you think about it. When you are an employee, you loathe it, you hate it, especially the boss. Which is why so many people want to be their own boss and so become self-employed. Then, the tables are turned and you can’t get enough work and worry about […]

More to training than meets the eye

I have a friend, Willy, who is a qualified green keeper, has his PA1 and PA6 pesticide spraying certificates as well as a chainsaw licence. After several years of working on golf courses, and for various garden maintenance companies he was fed up of taking orders from others and decided that he had all the […]

Don’t get bitten like ‘The Shark’!

Australian golfing legend Greg ‘the Shark’ Norman is in hospital after injuring his left arm in a chainsaw accident at his home in Florida. While recovering in hospital after surgery, the golfer posted these images on his website.

When comparing different gardening franchises..

As with every purchase and investment action in life, it is so important to look at the fine print rather than making your decision based purely on the headline price alone, and investing in a franchise is no exception.

Our gardening franchise is about more than cutting grass

5 things you might not know about Jim’s Mowing Jim’s Mowing does far more than just cut grass, just as the big Coffee brands sell much more than Coffee! As a franchisee you have multiple revenue streams to keep you busy all year round! Here are some of the main ones:

Our gardening franchise is global

Jim’s Mowing has over 2,000 franchise owners in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UK. It is the largest division within the Jim’s Group which was established in 1989 and now hosts 40 varied and diverse operations from Bookkeeping to Building Maintenance, Cleaning to Conveyancing, Dog Wash to Diggers. The latest division to get the green light is […]

Meet the first ‘Jim’ in this franchise?

The 3rd in our mini series of Jim’s facts. No 3. Jim really does exist! Jim Penman started his business pushing a lawn mower to earn a few dollars to help finance his way through university.  And ‘Yes’, that is his face that launched our logo – well, he used to have a beard, a […]

The Work Availability Guarantee

5 things you might not know about Jim’s Mowing Jim’s Mowing offers new franchise owners a Work Availability Guarantee of £2,200 per month (subject to terms and conditions). To help with the income gap from leaving paid employment until your new business gets established, Jim’s Mowing will make up the difference between £2,200 and what […]

Part 5: the final fact!

Well Good Morning. Here is the final part of this week’s Jim’s facts. There is a territory available near you! Australia has over 2,000 franchise owners with a population of less than 1/3rd of that in the UK, and we have just started with 28 franchisees.